New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
Introducing the Rainbow Cake. Contact us for pricing.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Turqoise and gold themed wedding cakes

This wedding cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Zam of Taman Kluang Barat. He had also ordered 1500 pcs of muffins for his wedding. We would like to thank Zam for giving us a chance to prove ourselves!

This cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Yatie Crafts, Tmn Fajar, Jln Mersing, Kluang. We met the father of the groom who ordered this set and we offered him to set up the wedding cake since his house is just a few kilometers away from Yatie Crafts. We would like to thank En. Tahar of Kg. Tengah, Kluang for his order.

White and pink wedding theme

This wedding cake was ordered by Myra of Tmn Sri Paya. She requested for 3 tiers cake with pink roses and white daisies. Since the table looked so bare, we put the left over daisies around the cake, and now more customers requested for this decoration!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

It's the wedding season! Part 2: New Hantaran cupcake and cake designs

This cake was ordered by Hanee of Desa Harmoni for her 'hantaran'. The original design is from madaboutcake.blogspot. Hanee gave us the picture and ask us to make exactly like the top tier, and this was the result!

This cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Iqbal of Kg. Sri Lambak. He emailed us the design and told us what he wants actually. So, this is the results!

It's the wedding season! Part 1: Hantaran cupcake and cake

This cake was ordered by Yatee of Kg. Dato' Abd. Rahman Yassin, Kluang. She baked the cake and sent us the cake to be decorated. The original colour is supposed to be purple but she changed the theme a few days before the wedding, so you can see that the colour of the flowers were not that harmonious. I just hoped that Yatee is satisfied with the cake!

This cupcake set was also ordered by Yatee. She took this design from Cupalicious website and asked us to changed the colour and design.

This cake and cupcakes set were made especially for our brother, Khalifah for his 'hantaran'. Consists of one 7" fondant cake and 10 pieces of cupcakes. We love pastel colours, so this is the reseults. The price for this set is around RM 130 and above.

There is a very interesting story behind this cupcake set. Originally, the cupcake is bought from KL/Serdang actually, topped with American frosting and the design was just awful to be displayed as 'hantaran'. The owner approached us and asked us to alter and make the necessary changes to the cupcakes. After aroud 3 hours work, this is the result!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Green coloured wedding cake

Hand made white roses
Four tiers green coloured theme wedding cake. Consist of ONE 11" cake, 57 cupcakes and one 7" cake dummy.

Baby Full Moon Set

Pooh Cake

This Pooh cake was ordered by Kak Ina of Tudung Saji Restaurant for her youngest son's birthday!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Aidillfitri Order

Our first cupcake hantaran order after Ramadan! This hantaran set is for Juliana from Felda Bukit Tongkat. She contacted us two-three weeks before Raya because she needed it on the third of Syawal!

This fondant cake and cupcake set is for Pn. Rozniza from Tmn Sri Tengah. Her husband contacted us a week before Raya and requested the red roses cake for her wife's birthday! Wah!!! So.... romantic!

This cake is for my friend's daughter's birthday! She requested for a two tier cake with ladybirds (her daughter's wish!) and also gerbera (mommy's wish!), so this is the results...

Thanks to all my customers! Jujucupcakes team wishes you a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Engagement n Wedding Cakes before Ramadan!

Theme: Purple and black
7 Aug 2010

Theme: Pink and black
7 Aug 2010

Theme: Purple
1 Aug 2010

Theme: Yellow
4 Aug 2010

Theme: Turqoise
4 Aug 2010

Four tiers wedding cake
Theme: Turqoise
4 Aug 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Juju Cupcakes in Sek. Tinggi Kluang's Hari Ko-kurikulum

Lollipop Sugar cookies
RM 1.50 each!

'Tempat cincin' Cupcakes and more 'Hantaran' Cupcakes

'Tempat cincin' Cupcakes for my niece, Hanis
17 July 2010
From Hanis to Kamal
Theme: Turqoise and black
17 July 2010
From Kamal to Hanis
17 July 2010

Purple Wedding Cake and Cupcakes, 'Hantaran' Cakes

To our 'adik angkut' - Edi a.k.a. Abong, congratulations on your wedding! We have upgraded his wedding cakes from butter cream icing to fondant. Thanks Ros for your order! This wedding cake and cupcakes set costs RM270.00 and we need at least one full week to prepare the sugar cookies (it's double-sided!).
Theme: Purple
18 July 2010
These hantaran cakes were ordered by Hanee. The design is adapted from
Theme: Pink and white
10 July 2010
Theme: Turqoise
10 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Football, shopaholic and teen/girlish theme cupcakes

Football theme cupcakes ordered by Aida Sulastri in May.

Shopaholic theme cupcakes.

Teen/girlish theme cupcakes ordered by Rohaya for her niece's birthday.

New Cupcake Flavour and Choc. Fudge Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

New Flavour - Black forest Cupcakes!

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Hello Kitty drawing. Happy Birthday Yanti!

Father's Day & Various Birthday theme cupcalkes

Father's Day Cupcakes ordered by Sabira.

Cupcakes for Majlis Cukur Jambul / Baby Shower ordered by Salinda in June

Pink & Hello Kitty themes cupcakes ordered by Rohaya.

Princess theme Cupcake - fondant crown as decoration.

Red & Black theme birthday cupcakes ordered by Adilla. We actually thought they are celebrating Adilla's sister's birthday (so we put Aya), it turned out to be their father - Ayah! We have to add 'H' and another cupcake for her. Sorry kak Dila, wrong info!

Four tiers - Red & White theme

The theme is red & white. Consists of 52 pieces of cupcakes, one 12" choc butter cake covered with fondant and one dummy cake on top. We charge RM 350.00 for this set. The couple actually requested fresh flowers for this cake but since the wedding will be held in Kota Tinggi and they were traveling a day before, we gave them fondant flowers.

Details on the top tier.

Middle tier.

Cupcakes with fondant flower.