New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
Introducing the Rainbow Cake. Contact us for pricing.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Simple and Modern Wedding Cake

 Side view.

Front view.

Close up.

     This wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Mohd. Aziz Omar from Tmn. Murni for his wedding reception.

Modern Vintage Themed Wedding Cake

Snow White and the poisoned apples birthday theme

The cake in full  and below is the details of the cake.

                This cake was ordered by Ms. Mahfizah Ahmad for her daughter's birthday.

Simple design for a beginner

    This cake was made for a private lesson for a friend from UK. We'll show what was the results from this private lesson.

Below is the cake made by our student.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Turquoise and pink themed wedding

This cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Ms. Nafsiah Yatin of Tmn Ilham Kluang for wedding reception.

A Snow White Cake for Zafira

Candy Heaven Cake

Vanilla sponge with strawberry fillings decorated with chocolate fingers and M&Ms.

Moist chocolate cake coated with chocolate ganache and decorated with Kit Kats, M&Ms and chocolate candies.

        These chocolate fingers and M&Ms decorated cakes are one of our best sellers this year. From moist chocolate cakes to rainbow cakes, almost every customer dreamed of buying this cake so far.

Doraemon Cake for Kg. Paya Dalam Kindergarten

Birthday girls and boys name as cupcake toppers.

This cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Cikgu Nurul of Tadika Perpaduan Kg. Paya Dalam for her pupils' birthday calebration in June.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Pink and Purple Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

First Birthday Cake fo Zahraa

Sweet Pink Hantaran Cupcakes Set

Chocolate and Roses Cake

This 'hantaran' cake was a heart shaped moist chocolate cake coated with chocolate ganache and covered with shaved dark chocolate and hand made white and pink roses.

Hello Kitty Cake

Cake and Cookies for Maahad Arabiah Kluang

Teacher's Day and 67th Anniversary of the school Cake

Smiley sugar cookies for the students.

We baked 900 sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. The theme was 'smiley'. It was a really hard work for all of us because it rained almost everyday. We have to use lamps to dry the royal icing. Our house was really havoc with 3 mahjong tables with lamps full of decorated sugar cookies.

This order was delivered around 2 weeks before my cousin's wedding (previous post 'Dessert Table for my Cousin'). You see, we were in a middle of a big project, and then we still can't refuse this order. In the end, we managed to complete this order on time.

Thank you Cikgu Siti of Maahad Arabiah Kluang (previously known as Sekolah Arab Kluang). Hope that you are satisfied with our efforts.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dessert table for my beloved cousin...

Dessert table.

          I think a lot of us must have dreamed about dessert table such as in the above picture in our own wedding. Well, I for one dreamed that but I made it a reality in someone else wedding. Ha ha ha! Luckily the bride who is my cousin agreed with me and worked hard enough to make it a reality. The whole dessert table cost around RM 1 500 to RM 3000 depending on the type of desserts.
     What were there in her dessert table? Two types of wedding cakes - one for the mom and the other one was for the daughter, lychee jellies, fruit tarts and chocolate balls. You need to have at least 500 pieces for each type of finger foods to make sure your guests are happy.

Front view.

Aerial view of the candy land three tiers wedding cake. This wedding cake was designed specially for the bride's daughter, Shakirah.

        Maybe you'll be a bit confused why we made a wedding cake specially for the bride's daughter. Actually this is our cousin's second wedding and her 10 years old daughter was from her previous marriage. When we went to the bridal house to survey for her mother's dress, she was really excited and asked her mother to make one for her too. Everything that her mother bought for the event, she wanted one too. In order to make sure she won't claimed her mother's wedding cake, we made one for her too!
         We want something that will attract kids and we decided to upgrade a birthday cake design into wedding cake. During the event, some of the guests brought a small bowl and spoon scrapping the M&Ms on the cake. We were horrified when we saw this! My goodness! Luckily we tied the chocolate sticks together!
Finally at 3.00 p.m., the bridal couple cut the cake and we served the cake to all the guests.

The bride's wedding cake - sakura themed wedding cake.

The bridal couple cutting their wedding cake.

The sakura wedding cakes consist of two tiers rainbow cakes and one tier moist chocolate cake.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pink and turquoise wedding cake

This cake was ordered by Nurul for her wedding reception in Sri Lalang. Her wedding theme was turquoise and pink. She just loves the scallopes, bows and butterflies actually!

  A close up view of the cake.

A chic 'hantaran' cupcakes

  This 'hantaran' cupcakes were chic-lit inspired actually. The theme was red, pink and ivory.

Pink pearls and ivory coloured rose.

A Birthday to Remember for Damia

Mia with her dream birthday cake - Princess Cake. 

Mia and her older brother, Nazhan.

        Damia is one of my neighbour's daughter. When her mother came to me to order a cake with a very low budget, we decided to make her birthday an event to remember. We upgraded the cake and bought her a princess headscarf in the 2N shop. When we arrived in her house, she was still wearing a shirt and jeans. We persuaded her to change her clothes and gave her the scarf. She was so surprised and happy! We can see from her expression! It lighted our hearts to make someone really happy such as Damia!

Fondant 'Hantaran' cake..

This fondant 'hantaran' cake was inspired from the zig zag striped cakes but unfortunately, due to time constraints we didn't managed to order the sugar sheet to decorate this cake. We used navy blue fondant to make the stripes.

This 'hantaran' cake was another cheaper version of the previous design. With more brides having budget constraints we strives to cater to their demand.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Blue themed wedding cake

Three tiers fondant cake and 40 pieces butter cream swirl cupcakes.

                       This wedding cake consists of  9", 6" and 4" rainbow cakes and moist chocolate cake. This wedding cake ensemble was decorated with dyed fresh chrysanthemum on top and a bow.