New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

11.11.12 wedding frenzy

    Actually there were four weddings we covered for this particular day. One was a butter cream cakes and cupcakes ensemble which has been featured quite often. Cake number two was a two tiered fondant cakes and cupcakes with fresh chrysanthemum which was also has been featured quite often. The above wedding cake was ordered by Farhana of Taman Intan.

     This wedding cake ensemble was ordered by Mimi of Klinik Yee for her wedding reception at Dewan Tunku Ibrahim, Kluang.

   This 'hantaran' cake was ordered by Aini of Taman Sri Kluang.

10.11.12 wedding frenzy

        This cake was ordered by Ain of Kg. Kolam Air, Kluang for her wedding on 10 Nov 2012.

     This cake was ordered by Rtd. Stf. Nurse Mariam for her eldest daughter's wedding on 10 Nov 2012. The wedding cakes and cupcakes ensemble consists of 11", 7" and 4" chocolate walnut cakes and 40 pieces of red velvet cupcakes. The original agreement between the family and Jujucupcakes was the family will provide the flower for this cake and we will arrange them accordingly. Unfortunately, during the solemnization ceremony the day before the reception, there was very little flower left for the hantaran cake.We decided to buy some white chrysanthemum in case the flowers were not enough. Luckily, we brought the chrysanthemum because there were only six stalks of peach roses for us to put on the cake!

The happy couple - Farrah & Bob cutting their wedding cake.

Hand drawn cartoon cakes

Shinchan cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

Friday, 14 December 2012

Two tiers blue ruffles wedding cake

Wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble sans cupcakes in this picture.

The cake closed up.

                This wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Cik Suriani Yussuf of Pasir Gudang, Johor on behalf of her brother-in-law. This wedding cake was for her brother-in-law's nephew wedding in Kota Tinggi. This ensemble consists of 9" and 6" fondant cakes, 40 pieces of cupcakes and two cake separators made from polystyrene and cake board.

Edible Image Birthday Cakes

 Close up photo of the birthday cake.

This birthday cake and cupcakes was ordered by Ms. Zamzarina of Tmn Pesona, Kluang for her eldest son's 10th birthday party.
The above birthday cake was ordered by Ms. Zainani Jamaluddin  for her eldest son's 5th birthday party.

Edible Deepavali Kolam

This cake was ordered by Varanitha for her fiance.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Orange themed wedding cake

This cake was ordered by Emilia Salim for her wedding reception in Felda Ulu Belitung, Kluang. The wedding cake consists of 9" and 6" butter cake with butter cream topping.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Blue themed wedding cake

The view of the cake from top. Gold coloured sugar paste initials as cake toppers.

            The full view of the wedding cake ensembles. This cake was ordered by Noorazimah Mansor from Felda Kahang Barat, Kluang for her wedding reception on 17 October 2012. Her wedding theme was blue and white. 
      When we arrived in her house, we were shocked to find that the area where the wedding cake table was supposed to be was flooded. The family told us to set it up somewhere else. After scouring the area, we decided to set it up near the entrance to the living room where the dais was. There were so many children around us that there was not much room for us to move around. We took almost half an hour to assemble the cake. Finally the cake was done and we got to enjoy the wedding reception!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Butter cream swirls and ruffles cakes

Two tiers green ruffles mini butter cream cakes.

Pink roses heart shaped butter cream cake ordered for 'hantaran' by Aini of Tmn Sri Kluang.

Purple toned butter cream roses cake ordered for hantaran.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Butter cream cakes tragedy again!

This cake was ordered by Siti Hana Nasir of Taman Intan, Kluang for her wedding reception on 9 September 2012 in Dewan Jubli Intan, Kluang. The wedding theme was peach and white. The bridal in charge was Daus Bridal, Batu Pahat.
                       When we were transporting the cake from our house to the hall, the weather was extremely hot. The base tier consists of 11" steamed fruit cake slipped from the cake board. Luckily, a friend was helping us preparing our Hari Raya open house at home came to our rescue. She delivered our tools to the hall and we really made a cooking show at the side entrance of the hall. We managed to get the cake done in about half and hour after hour tools arrived. 

Pink, purple and blue mini cakes

A new cake design - side arrangement

            This wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Dr. Gan Lilian and Dr. Lim Hong Tak for their wedding reception in Prime City Hotel, Kluang. This ensemble consists of one 6" fondant cake and 26 pieces of butter cream topped cupcakes.

         The cake topper consists of four handmade sugar paste roses and sugar paste branches. The actual colour of the cake was white and the roses were light pink.

       When we were arranging the cakes and cupcakes at the ballroom, the chef in charge and the manager were hovering around us to wait for the extra cupcakes. Lucky for them we had three extra cupcakes. We would like to thank the couple and wish them a good, prosperous and happy marriage life ahead.

Monday, 26 November 2012

A Second Cousin's Wedding

                 This FOUR tiers wedding cake was ordered by the bridegroom's elder sister - Kak Nab. The wedding was held on 25 September 2012 in Machap, Kluang. The theme of this wedding was yellow actually but the sister was a bit confused and ordered a blue themed wedding cake. We have upgraded the wedding cake from two tiers to four tiers as a present for the couple.

     The couple's name on the third tier and patchwork scallops again on the top tier.

         Multi tiered and toned blue ruffles around the base tier cake and patchworks scallop on the second tier.

   We would like to wish a long and happy marriage to our second cousin and his wife - Anif & Aimie. May God bless both of you with healthy and responsible children. Amin.

Liverpool Fan Club, Batu Pahat

            This cake was ordered by Abong Edi of UTHM, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat for his friends in Liverpool Fan Club.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Triple Chocolate Cakes

 This double chocolate cake decorated with Smarties and KitKat was ordered by Varanitha for her fe iance in Tmn Permata, Kluang.

This double chocolate decorated with M&Ms and KitKat was ordered byVaranitha's friend for her boyfriend in Tmn Intan, Kluang.

These double chocolate cakes decorated with M&Ms and KitKat prices range from RM80-120 according to the size of the cake.

Purple and White fresh flower wedding cake

This wedding cake was ordered by Marina Hussin of Taman Saujana, Kluang for her wedding reception on 6 October 2012. This wedding cake ensemble uses white chrysanthemum and dark and light purple button mums.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sakura Wedding Cake2

This sakura wedding cake was ordered by Anisah of Bandar Tenggara, Kluang for her wedding on 15 October 2012.

Red themed wedding cake and cupcakes

This wedding cake consisted of one 6" fondant cake and 60 pieces of butter cream swirl cupcakes.

Sakura Wedding Cake

                  This cake was ordered by Dr. Nizlaili of Yong Peng, Johor for her wedding on 1 September 2012. Her choice of wedding cake was influenced by her childhood memorie. She spent most of her childhood in Japan because her father was transferred there.

     We have to rearrange the bouquet that was supposed to be on the cake table on the floor.

The dais.

The final result.

               We would like to thank the bride's family for ignoring us (we arrive in t-shirt and trousers) so that we can work comfortably and also helping us to solve all the problems arises when we were assembling the wedding cake.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Gold themed 'hantaran' cake

Last minute wedding cake

 This wedding cakes and cupcakes ensemble consists of 11" and 7" round fondant cake and 40 pieces of cupcakes with butter cream toppings.

Pink ruffles for the base tiers and lace motifs on the top tiers.

                    This wedding cakes and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Noraziema Mansor of Tmn Sri Lalang for her wedding reception on the groom's side. Her in-laws forgot to make place an order for a wedding cake that she took charge and ordered a wedding a day before the reception. She was lucky that we were  free on that particular day and we quickly bake her wedding cake.

                 Anyway, thanks for the order Emma!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Various Themes Birthday Cakes

    Hello Kitty theme birthday cake.

 Princess theme birthday cake.

Angry bird birthday cake.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pink butter cream wedding cake

This cake was ordered by Ros of Kg. Melayu Kluang for her wedding reception in Dewan Kampung Melayu, Kluang on July 2012.

Cupcakes for hantaran June

       This cupcakes set was ordered by Noraini Maidin for her cousin's engagement ceremony.

     This cupcakes set was a part of  Nasuha's hantaran for his fiance Hakim.

     This cupcakes set was ordered by Ayu for her wedding ceremony.

Father's Day 2012 orders

    This 'Baju Melayu' cake was ordered by Zainani of Kimberly Clark, Kluang for her father in July. In this picture, a 9" x 6" red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting was decorated with fondant to resemble a 'Baju Melayu' (traditional Malay costume for male).

   Shirt and tie cake.

    This garden themed cupcakes set was ordered by Anis Omar for her father-in-law.

    This male themed cupcakes set was ordered by Sabira for her father.