New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
Introducing the Rainbow Cake. Contact us for pricing.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Second week of April

Juju Cupcakes has donated 100 pcs of cupcakes for blood donors during the Rotary Club Blood Donation Campaign held on 10 April 2011 at Kluang Parade. Above: Nurses of Kluang Rotary Haemodialysis Centre who are on duty during the campaign.

This cake was ordered by Molly Oh for 5 Malay Royal Army Regiment Mess Night.

This cake was ordered by Mak Yam of Tmn Kluang Jaya for her husband's birthday. It's an 7" x 7" cake topped with fresh cream.

Third Week of April

These cupcakes sets were ordered by Ain of Kahang Barat for her sister's engagement ceremony.

First week of April

This 'hantaran' cupcakes set was ordered by Ain of Kahang Barat for her friend's engagement.

This 'hantaran' cupcakes set was ordered by Aetul of Tmn Sri Kluang for her engagement.

Blue and white theme wedding cake

This order came about 2 weeks before the wedding ceremony. The wedding theme was golden yellow but the bride's mother dreamed of a dark blue wedding cake actually. To make the story short, the couple has to find another bakery to bake their wedding cake because her sponsor back off due to unfortunate circumstances. As you can see the table was big but the cake was small, but nonetheless there was a wedding cake to cut!