New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
Introducing the Rainbow Cake. Contact us for pricing.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Turquoise and peach wedding cake

   This wedding cake was ordered by Normaizura Basiman of Kahang Timur, Kluang for her younger sister's wedding reception.

Classic turquoise and pink wedding cake

    This cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Noranita Basri of CEP Estate, Niyor for her wedding reception on 14 September 2014.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chipmunk and Marrybrown themed birthday cake

This cake and cupcakes were ordered by Cikgu Nurul of Tadika Perpaduan Kg. Paya Dalam for the students birthday party that was held in Marrybrown Restaurant, Petron Taman Makmur, Kluang.

New butter cream cake design

Mint green classic wedding cake

Classic wedding cake

This wedding cake was ordered by Mdm Rozana Mohd Kalam for her brother's wedding reception.

Turquoise and peach wedding cake2

 This is a butter cream wedding cake. We sponsored this cake for our part time assistant's wedding (Kak Asiah).

The newly weds with their cakes.

Frozen themed birthday cake1

Blue and white wedding cake

  This wedding cake was ordered by Nursyahrain Shafiqah for her older brother's wedding reception.

Chic and elegant wedding cake

     This wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Zainon Sadli of Nina Boutique, Kluang for her wedding reception.

Pink ombre cake

Simple pink ombre cake.


     Our latest creation, Three Layer Chocolate Cake. RM85 for 10"x10" cake. For custom size and shape, please contact us for pricing. 

Our First Naked Cake

This cake consists of three layers of chocolate butter cake and butter cream for each tier. The price range from RM230 and above depending on size and choice of flowers. This price excludes cupcakes. 

Mint green and pink wedding cake

Monday, 22 September 2014

Peach and pink wedding theme

This wedding cake was made for the weeding of a son to a family friend in Taman Kluang Jaya, Kluang, Johor. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Turquoise and peach wedding

 Hantaran cake

Butter cream wedding cake

      These 'hantaran' cake and wedding cake was ordered by Nizam of Kampung Melayu, Kluang for his younger sister's wedding. 

'Cukur Jambul' or 'Baby Showers' Ceremony

 'Bunga telur' or decorative flower with egg

 The dessert table

 Main dishes - nasi lemak and Laksa Johor

 The guests

Princess of the day - Khalishah Khaiyyirah and her father.

Last Chinese New Year, my family and I held a ceremony to welcome my brother's second daughter - Khalishah Khaiyyirah, 6 months old. In Malay culture we called it 'Cukur Jambul' or head shaving for babies. New born babies' hair will be shaved during this ceremony but since my niece's hair has been shaved when she was a few weeks' old, we just made the ceremony where we introduced the baby to our extended families and friends.
    We just served 'nasi lemak' (rice cooked with coconut milk and served with anchovies sambal, boiled eggs and cucumber) and 'laksa Johor' (spaghetti served with thick mashed fish curry gravy with thinly sliced cucumber, 'daun kesum', bunga kantan' and 'chepo' (salted vege)) as the main dishes. Desserts - vanilla blueberry cupcakes with butter cream, rainbow cake, chocolate balls, curry puffs and Malay traditional kueh.
    My family and I had a smashing good time despite the tiredness preparing all the dishes. To my extended families and friends, thank you for coming to our event!

Candy Heaven Wedding Cake

           This wedding cake ensemble consists of 9" and 6" butter cream cakes decorated with chocolate fingers and gum paste flowers, two gum paste initials and 40 pieces of cupcakes.

This ensemble can be adjusted to customer's taste and budget.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Football cake for my nephew and two grandnephews.

    This cake was ordered by my niece, Yan, for her son's first birthday (Rifqy); and also for her nephew, Syakir and cousin, Aqil both 2 years old. All of them were born in October.

My Beloved Niece's Wedding Cake

 The wedding cake

The bride and the groom were cutting their wedding cake

          Well, our beloved niece, Sasa got married last October to a guy from Kulai. She used to help us a few years ago and to appreciate all her helps, we sponsored a wedding cake, two sets of 'bunga pahar' (approximately 50 stalks) for her. She wanted a butter cream wedding cake although we were willing to make a fondant wedding cake for her. Her wedding theme was pink and white. Since it was held in a village, we decided that the colour should be bright.

We wanted to try something new, so we decided to make butter cream ruffles. We guarded the wedding cake almost 2 hours but once the groom's family came and all of us were very busy, a kid came up and touched the cake. There was a hole on the first tier!

We had to turn the cake to make sure that there won't be any hole came up on the pictures.
Anyway, I hope that the couple will love each other through good and bad times, through health and sickness; and until death do them part! Amen.

Mini 3 Tiers Wedding Cake

This three tiers mini wedding cake and cupcakes consists of 9", 6" and 3" fondant cakes and 40 pieces butter cream cupcakes.

Orange and White Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was ordered by our former neighbour's daughter from Sri Lalang, Kluang. The bride told us that she wanted an orange coloured wedding cake since her wedding theme was peach and white. Here we go - orange and white!

Turquoise and White Wedding Theme

The actual set

Closed up view

     You might question why are these pictures yellowish and not clear. The answer is the picture was taken in a hall where there are only warm daylight lamps all around. We can't do anything!

     This wedding cake and cupcakes ensemble was ordered by Ms. Mahirah of Batu Pahat for her wedding reception in September 2013. It was held in Pelican Hotel, Batu Pahat.