New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Cukur Jambul' or 'Baby Showers' Ceremony

 'Bunga telur' or decorative flower with egg

 The dessert table

 Main dishes - nasi lemak and Laksa Johor

 The guests

Princess of the day - Khalishah Khaiyyirah and her father.

Last Chinese New Year, my family and I held a ceremony to welcome my brother's second daughter - Khalishah Khaiyyirah, 6 months old. In Malay culture we called it 'Cukur Jambul' or head shaving for babies. New born babies' hair will be shaved during this ceremony but since my niece's hair has been shaved when she was a few weeks' old, we just made the ceremony where we introduced the baby to our extended families and friends.
    We just served 'nasi lemak' (rice cooked with coconut milk and served with anchovies sambal, boiled eggs and cucumber) and 'laksa Johor' (spaghetti served with thick mashed fish curry gravy with thinly sliced cucumber, 'daun kesum', bunga kantan' and 'chepo' (salted vege)) as the main dishes. Desserts - vanilla blueberry cupcakes with butter cream, rainbow cake, chocolate balls, curry puffs and Malay traditional kueh.
    My family and I had a smashing good time despite the tiredness preparing all the dishes. To my extended families and friends, thank you for coming to our event!

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