New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
Introducing the Rainbow Cake. Contact us for pricing.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Father's Day Promotion

Set of 9 cupcakes for RM20.00 only! (excluding delivery)

7" x 7" sponge cake with assorted filling (blueberry/strawberry/orange) topped with butter cream at RM25.00!! (excluding delivery)

June Wedding Rush 3: Wedding cakes

This cake was ordered by Iena of Inst. of Veterinary, Air Hitam for her wedding reception on 11 June 2011.

This cake was ordered by Nurhidayah Ahmad of Felda Ulu Dengar, Kluang for her wedding on 4 June 2011.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

June Wedding Rush 2: Wedding cakes

We managed to finish up four wedding cakes in 3 days! and all of them were for June 4 Weddings. We featured only three wedding cakes here and will add another one when the bride and groom ready to upload the pictures!

This wedding cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Dr. Maizatul Azlina for her child minder's daughter's wedding in Inst. Veterinar, Air Hitam, Kluang. The mother of the bride, Kak Yah, was my former neighbour and I remembered attending her wedding when I was very young. We only charged Dr. Maizatul the cake with half the cost of the flowers and we sponsored the cupcakes. Anyway, congratulations to the newlyweds!

This wedding cake was ordered by Leha of Jln. Benut, Spg. Renggam for her wedding. Her friend, Wawa, came and collect the cake on Friday, June 3.

This wedding cake was ordered by Norliza Wati of Tmn Intan for her wedding. She came to order this cake with her father and her father chose the wedding cake and the colour of the decoration for her! We were amazed by how much interest her father gave to his daughter's wedding! We hope to see more daddy accompanying their daughter these days!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June Wedding Rush1: Hantaran

The side of the cake.

This cake was ordered by Cikgu Rahimah of Tmn Klg Barat for her niece's engagement.

Orange themed engagement set.

Purple and pink cupcakes set.

Red and black cupcakes set.

Fresh lilies cake topper.

This cake was ordered by Lisa of IR Trade and Services for one of her agent - Liyana of Kg. Parit Lapis Semarang.
This cupcake set was ordered by Lin of Mersing for her wedding.

This set was ordered by Norazah of Tmn Sri Kluang.

Calla Lily Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was ordered by Norhidayah of Kg. Tengah, Kluang for her wedding on 29 May 2011. The wedding cake consists of three fresh cream cakes - top and middle tier: chocolate strawberry layered sponge cakes measured 9" and 6", base tier: walnut tiramisu layered sponge cake measured 11". The cake stand was rented from the bridal house (unknown).

Calla lilies cake toppers and the cake base was decorated with fondant leaves.

Apple green themed wedding

Cake topper

This cake and cupcakes set was ordered by Haize of Tmn Intan, Kluang for her wedding on 28 May 2011.