New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Second Cousin's Wedding

                 This FOUR tiers wedding cake was ordered by the bridegroom's elder sister - Kak Nab. The wedding was held on 25 September 2012 in Machap, Kluang. The theme of this wedding was yellow actually but the sister was a bit confused and ordered a blue themed wedding cake. We have upgraded the wedding cake from two tiers to four tiers as a present for the couple.

     The couple's name on the third tier and patchwork scallops again on the top tier.

         Multi tiered and toned blue ruffles around the base tier cake and patchworks scallop on the second tier.

   We would like to wish a long and happy marriage to our second cousin and his wife - Anif & Aimie. May God bless both of you with healthy and responsible children. Amin.

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