New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Six tiers wedding cake

[The wedding cake in front of the main table settings]

This is one of our dream wedding cakes that we made for our baby brother's wedding in November 2010. We received many feed back for this wedding cake. In our opinion, Kluang folks are not ready to accept changes! Can you imagine there were people who actually thought that the cake has too many flowers and therefore that's not nice! Karma has it that a month later during that person's turn to host a wedding the roses we ordered turned out to be very small and the wedding cake looks a bit off. Moral of the story is never talk bad about other people's dream or inventions!
This wedding cake consists of two cakes (15" and 13") and four dummies actually; and used at least 10 dozens of fresh red roses (more if possible). This wedding cake will cost more than RM700 in Kluang but the price will depend on your choice of flowers.
Why is it so expensive? It uses more than 1 kg of liquid glucose, 2kg of flour, 3 dozens of egg, 4 kg of butter, 5kg of icing sugar, 10 dozens of fresh roses (RM15/dozen) and takes more than 12 hours to make! Well, any of you thought of having one like this but the cost is equal or twice the price of your wedding dress? One of the solution is to make your own cake!
What have we done to the wedding cake? We cut and gave it to our guests!
[My brother and I cut the wedding cake and serve our guests with our very own chocolate butter cake]

Well, wedding cakes are for the host to share with the guests. In the western countries, the wedding cakes will be cut and serve to the guests and even pack as a gift to the guest. The top tier will be kept in the freezer for the couple to enjoy during their first wedding anniversary!

Jujucupcakes hopes that young couples will keep this in mind and share their wedding cakes (no matter the size of cake) with the families and guests!

We would like to thank our beloved nieces - Aini Khairiah, Amirah Shafiqah and others (too many to remember) for their help in making our dream comes true. Your turns will come and together we'll realize your dream!

Below are some pictures of our baby brother's wedding reception in our house in Taman Bersatu, Kluang.

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