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New Cake Flavour
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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Black and White Wedding Cake

We have just received a niece-in-law from Medan recently. Our nephew, Epi (for family) or Din (for friends),wed Febria Nora from Medan in JB and the wedding reception was held in Simpang Renggam on 26 Feb 2011. The theme was black and white but we were quite surprise to find blue flowers and wedding cake were given to this couple.
Well, we decided to present this couple with a wedding cake as a gift. Our cousin, Normah was so excited about it. We have to use my late Mom's round table which is half way to crumble (even my cousin's round table which was made around the same time has disappeared from her family's home) and my cousin has to rummage through her old room to find the table cloth.

We arrived around 1:00 pm and there was no wedding cake and the dish for the 'pengantin' has just arrived. So we decided to set the cake which was not yet assemble due to the distant and geographical factors and quickly help our cousins to set the table!

All of us were so eager to see the cake cut and served! The cake consists of 11", 8" and 5" choc fudge cakes and around 40 pieces of chocolate cupcakes (S and XS size). We made some search and decided to combine a few designs to suit the theme and the culture of the area! When the first wedding
When the first wedding cake was cut, a friend of my nephew actually ask us to keep the cake for the 'pengantin', we were quite surprise! We told him that the wedding cake was abundant and we should share the cake with the guests. No wonder, we have attended a lot of wedding and saw that some couples actually kept the wedding cakes and made the family of the wife or husband long to taste the cake or 'kempunan'! Please, whoever read this article spread the wisdom around!

[The top tier of the cake - a big black ribbon and white roses with gray based fondant cake]

The colour of the cakes were actually white, light gray, dark gray and black, unfortunately the light gray coloured fondant turned purplish to greenish some time after being exposed to sunlight. So, next time no more light gray! We thought of making a big black bow on top of the cake but due to the area where we were going, we decided to decorate the cake with some flowers!

Almost all the guests who were present during the cake cutting ceremony was given a piece of the wedding cake and everyone was quite full and happy to eat more cake that day!
To my nephew and wife, we hope you'll lead a happy, blessed and long marriage like your parents!

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