New Cake Flavour

New Cake Flavour
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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pink and white modern vintage wedding

The first thing that caught our eyes when we arrived to the wedding were the 1950s Mini Cooper and the antique Vespa. The bunting showed the bride and groom in Saloma an P. Ramlee style of dress and the theme was all white and pink. It looked so serene unlike so many other weddings we've been to.

Suria (the bride) ordered a four-tiered wedding cake themed modern vintage and something like the singer - Elyana's wedding cake. It must be high and big, simple yet elegant. We planned to put the two based cake on pillars and stacked the third and fourth tiers. Unfortunately, the table was put on a stage near the dais and the stage happened to be tilting to the back! We spent more than an hour trying to stabilised the cake and the pillars. We finally made up our mind and asked the bride whether we can stacked the three top tiers or not due to the uneven stage condition. The bride thankfully gave us her permission to do what was the best for the cake.

This is the final result of today's work.

We would like to thank Ms. Suria Abd. Ghani for trusting us to bake her wedding cake. We hoped that you and your family enjoy the cake!

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