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New Cake Flavour
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wedding cake: Torn between friends and your own dream?

Sunday, 9 Oct 2011.

Nadia & Tajul's weddding day. We were busy with so many other details of the wedding that were entrusted to us but not of wedding cakes this time- from 'bunga pahar', 'bungga penanggah' to 'hantaran' cakes for both side. We had another function to attend during lunch hour and a meeting in another district after that. We will only came back to the wedding to set up the wedding cake that was being sponsored by a friend of the bride.

We went back to the wedding after lunch and before the 'bersanding' ceremony to set up the cake. We called one of the bride's aunt to ask about the condition of the cake before arriving there so that we can bring along our tools to repair them. Other then cracks and discolouration, everything was okay. When we arrived there, we would like to cry when we saw the cake. It was out of the theme/concept and totally not of the bride's taste.

It is not that we are jealous or irritated but we have helped the bride to plan for her wedding from the start to know her taste and style. We sympathized towards the bride because of the glib in her wedding day planning.

Here are some advised to the kind and generous wedding cake sponsors:
1. When ordering wedding cakes, please consult the brides and grooms. If you can't afford to fully sponsor the whole set, pay partially and inform the happy couples. If not, find another friends to share the cost with you!

2. When you're traveling with the cake, please travel at night because it will be cooler and no sun rays (no UV radiation that will fade the colour of the fondant).

3. If something happened to the cake, some of the royal icing maybe broken or the accessories maybe dislocated etc., what can you do?
- (1) Mix some royal icing (beat egg whites until fluffy and add icing sugar until well blend) and try to stick the accessories back to the original place.
- (2) Find a local baker and ask she/he to help you to redecorate  the cake.
- (3) If the decoration is beyond salvage, buy some ribbons or chained plastic beads, put it around the cake, buy some fresh flowers and decorate the cake!

Whatever the circumstances are, it is very irresponsible for a friend to retract her/his sponsorship at the last minute. We have met two couples who were really desperate for a wedding cake because of their irresponsible and immature friends. Being honest with your friend will ensure a lasting friendship. There is nothing wrong to inform your friends that you have some financial problems and can't fully sponsor the whole cake but you have to pay at least 1/3 of the cost!

So, if you're set on sponsoring a wedding cake, please consult the bride and pay the full amount when ordering or at least half the price!

Hope all of you will benefit from this article!

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